Human Resource Management Solutions

  1. Recruitment, Assessments, and Head-hunting;
  2. HR policy design/formulation & implementation;
  3. Training & Development;
  4. Performance management set-up;
  5. HR department design and/or transformation;
  6. Manpower & Strategic Workforce Planning solutions;
  7. Compensation, Benefits, and Payroll Management solutions, survey & diagnostics;
  8. Talent Management solutions;
  9. Employee Engagement solutions;
  10. HR Metrics management; and
  11. Background Check etc.

As businesses become more complex, so have the functions of Human Resources management. Consequences of a major HR mistake or oversight can be huge both legally and economically. We have developed a streamlined process that evaluates, assesses and solves your HR needs. Stress less about your HR problems and make sound HR decisions with HRPCL. We offer handsā€on HR consulting services designed to close any compliance gaps and establish strong HR best practices.

HRPCL provides an action plan that is specifically designed for any type of organization. Your organization stands to benefit from our range of HR Management solutions including On-site support; HR Hotline; Human Resource Policy formulation; Performance management solutions; Recruitment solutions; Payroll solutions; Learning & Development programs designed to educate and engage your employees; and also training courses ranging from team building and leadership training programs to conflict resolution programs and everything in-between.

Our team will assist you with your employee morale, complaints, discipline and disputes before these issues become major problems that reduce productivity, engagement, and creativity, leading to disruption in normal day-to-day operations of your organization.

Business and Financial Planning Advisory Services

  1. HR Solutions (automated or manual with full range of HRM templates);
  2. Industry Analysis;
  3. Real-time Management & Financial accounts set-up and management;
  4. Business Plan Design (5-year financial plan/forecast); and
  5. Tax advisory services etc.

Most businesses have over time failed to differentiate between capital, profit, and the underlying impact both have on the financial bottom-line of the organization. This will cause the gradual erosion of share capital of most businesses thereby leading to sudden liquidation/bankruptcy.

The business and financial advisory arm of HRPCL has mastered the art of designing management & financial accounts for the day-to-day tracking of financial position of any organization thereby enhancing efficient cost tracking, cost optimization, reduced fraud tendencies, and better decision making acumen.

In addition, HRPCL render tax advisory services to our clients to enable them manage their tax obligations as appropriate.

Automated HR, Business & Financial Solutions

  1. HR Solutions (automated or manual with full range of HRM templates);
  2. Management & Financial Accounting Solutions (automated or semi-automated);

HRPCL has been developing innovative, user friendly automated solutions on both HR & Financial Solutions since 2016 mainly to small and medium sized companies. We have overtime acquired an extensive expertise in the field of designing a comprehensive, robust, and automated/semi-automated HR & Management/Financial Accounting platforms.

We are HR & Financial/business process veterans with experience and success in every imaginable facet of the field - from designing HR policies in compliance with the Nigerian labor laws to designing accounting framework & tracking all business transactions in compliance with GAAP & IFRS via full or semi-automation (depending on client preference).

With HRPCL at your side, those bizarre situations and HR/Finance related issues that seem to have no solution become quick fixes. Whatever your prior experience, our expertise will make you have a change of mind.

Other Solutions

  1. Management Consultancy services;
  2. Marketing Research & Consultancy services;
  3. Corporate Strategy development and implementation;
  4. Management Retreats;
  5. Organizational design and Change management;


Surveys and Diagnostics

The use of surveys is common in this day and age and has been identified as an effective way of gaining valid and quantifiable information. We have tools that we use to maximize our efforts in this area and a team of highly specialized consultants who have developed particular skills in the collation and analysis of information captured in this way. Our questionnaires and surveys are always preceded by focus group sessions which are small sample group discussions that enable us to pinpoint exact issues within a larger subject, in order to provide our client with qualitative data relating to employees and customers.

Our surveys capture various forms of information. In the past, we have conducted Employee Attitude Surveys, Customer Service/Alignment Surveys and Stakeholder Surveys.

    They are extremely effective ways of:

  • Gaining feedback from major stakeholders attached to the organization
  • Monitoring and measuring the effects of any recent changes on the behaviour, culture and attitude of those within and associated with the organization.
  • Identifying and making informed strategic decisions on the future of the organization

Market Research

Market research is an efficient way of finding out what customers believe, think, want or need about your product.

It is information that cannot usually be obtained from any other source. Organizations in both public and private sectors use research to help them determine what goods and services to produce. The process involves a detailed collection of market data, analysis and interpretation of the results. Our market research typically targets the following specific areas:


Key information about major customer groups, suppliers of raw material, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers will be highlighted. In addition, significant facts, figures, and trends about the industry will be provided.


Specific information about the competitors, their size, location, focus, sales volume & approximate market share, mode of operation, competitive advantage, strengths and weaknesses will be highlighted in the research.


Provides information that will enhance the understanding and knowledge of the target market and/or industry.


Market research document detailing specific information required by client organization.

Management Retreats

Our strategic management retreat is designed to provide opportunities for management to review performance and trends as well as discuss and agree on action plans to improve business performance. The focus of the retreat varies from vision/mission development and strategic goal setting to team building, depending on the issue most critical to the client.

Our retreat methodology involves three phases as follows:

Phase 1:

Pre-retreat data gathering, logistics and planning

Phase 2:

The retreat itself:

  • Paper presentations
  • Syndicate group sessions
  • The plenary sessions
Phase 3:

The reporting phase. The issues raised in the retreat will be summarised in this phase and action plans developed around them.


It allows organisations to develop, or review and communicate their vision & mission statements Performance review and identification of business opportunities Strengthening the team spirit and bonding among executives Retreat reports serve as documents for driving implementation of action plans

HR Metrics Management

Are you under the perception that HR is not a strategic function and the department is a cost centre in contrast to the profit generating departments? Think again!

Remember the delay in finding a capable replacement for key roles on the exit of staff? The decline in your output on Fridays and Wednesdays? A lot of organizations are unable to measure the financial implications of wrong recruitment, learning curve, exit and absenteeism. HR Metrics is a diagnostic service, which puts a financial value to manpower planning and enables organizations better manage their expectations of HR and its performance.

This HCM intervention will support your corporate commitment to:

  • Setting tangible and achievable goals and targets
  • Identifying the most important drivers of your business that will enhance shareholder value over time
  • Establishing accountability and corporate governance by establishing the connection between your people performance and organizational objectives as well as tracking results
  • Determining competency levels and identifying inherent behavior, culture and attitudes
  • Diagnosing outcomes, by identifying potential business opportunities and determining the relevance of existing programmes