About Us

HRPCL is a prime consulting firm of “choice” to clients and “reference” to competitors within Nigeria and Africa at large. We provide innovative and “out-of-the-box” professional consulting services to our clientele, supported by expertise, best talents and technology.

Our expertise spans across Business, HR, and Financial needs of clients from a vantaged and strategic perspective.

We exist to support our clientele achieve their Business, HR, and Financial needs from a vantaged and strategic perspective.

HRPCL is also tenaciously committed to its values which form the core of our personality and character. These values are always evident in our behavior and attitude and are what distinguish us from other corporate bodies.


What We Do

Human Resource Management Solutions

As businesses become more complex, so have the functions of Human Resources management. Consequences of a major HR mistake or oversight can be huge both legally and economically. We have developed a streamlined... read more

Business and Financial Planning Advisory Services

Most businesses have over time failed to differentiate between capital, profit, and the underlying impact both have on the financial bottom-line of the organization. This will cause the gradual erosion... read more

Automated HR, Business & Financial Solutions

HRPCL has been developing innovative, user friendly automated solutions on both HR & Financial Solutions since 2016 mainly to small and medium sized companies. We have overtime acquired an extensive expertise... read more

Our Clients

BIMA Shelter Modern Shelter DNA LABS