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With a team of experienced and well trained technicians, programmers and engineers, and the best of practises, you can be rest assured that with ALL-TECH, your problems are solved.

In order to remain competitive in todays' rapidly changing business environment, companies must leverage on highly available, agile and physically secure networks to increase efficiency and profitability.

According to recent estimates from studies and surveys performed by IT industry analyst firms, data-dependent businesses lose on average between $84,000 and $108,000 (US) for every hour of IT system downtime experienced. Because we fully understand the impact of network downtime to the organizations' bottom line, we have over the years mastered the science of designing, implementing and managing network infrastructure solutions that provide the greatest ROI to our customers.
Our Enterprise Network Infrastructure group leverages on over 5 years of experience in designing, Installing and supporting high performance, complex network infrastructure by providing world-class unified communications network solutions geared towards serving all business needs; to include data, voice and video.

We have the competence to assist our customers from the project planning stage, delivering our solutions around the leading manufacturers' products; thereby enabling our customers have access to superior technology that lowers their investment risk.


At All tech systems, we know the impoertance of Scalability, Availability and Security for your network. This is why we implore you to let us lend a hand in helping you achieve these attributes for your network by drawing out a good plan.


Nothing gives us greater joy than bringing imaginations and plans to life. Our impeccable design implementation is second to none. We also give recommendations on the most favourable devices for the best outcome.


Let's help provide a secure environment for your systems, users and applications to perform their permitted critical functions without you worrying about unauthorized access, inavailability or altering of confidential data or information.